Trump-backed GOP pick for Michigan AG has been a vocal supporter of election lies. Emails show just how far he's gone for the cause

 8 days ago
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Paul Hamilton
8d ago

The MIGOP has the mostUNQUALIFIED slate of candidates from top to bottom on their ticket this year that has ever run for Michigan public office. Not a single one of their candidates, from liddle zombie snack Tudor (not enough brain for a whole zombie meal), to "demonic possession" believing Karanos, to this clown--being investigated for election equipment tampering-- & all of them support election denying big liar Delusional Donnie & his pals--are qualified to hold any public office. Vote these weasels out & keep them out!

Robert Hill
8d ago

DePerno is just more UNAMERICAN TRUMP TRASH. He doesn't care about working for the citizens of Michigan, only himself. A failed lawyer and a failure of a man. He couldn't tell the truth if his life depended on it.

8d ago

tRumpublicans have ruined the gop. I'm a USN Veteran who has voted for conservative candidates more often than not in my life. I can not and will not ever vote for anyone who stands with tRump


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