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michael burke

Wow. What are they going to say to that. A Democrat mayor following the lead of Republicans. Their heads are going to explode over this. I'm glad this mayor is taking these steps to unload some of the burden Texas has been dealing with way too long. This is obviously not a stunt it's Texas reality. Enough is enough. Close the dam border!

AZ middle of the road, slightly right

Anyone who lives in a border state knows what’s REALLY happening. How would you feel if I invite about 100 people, who I know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT, to come live in YOUR house, where I expect that you feed them, and give them money? What people fail to understand, or possibly care about, is that those of us who are near the border are having to figure out how to keep our families, property, and ourselves SAFE from ALL of these invaders. It is IMPOSSIBLE for the border states to absorb ALL TWO MILLION + illegals! WHY do the sanctuary states NOT WANT TO HELP US? For goodness sake, WE ARE CITIZENS WHO EXPECT OUR GOVERNMENT TO KEEP US SAFE! That is NOT happening!!!!

Janice Mitchell

a democrat is sending migrants out on would think if their doing something needs to change..neither Biden or his administration. will ever go to the border cause they. know what. a mess it is...wish this Democrat would send them to Marsha Vineyards an see what they say then


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