Florida Democratic state lawmaker to file lawsuit to block DeSantis migrant flights

The Hill
The Hill
 9 days ago

A Democratic state lawmaker in Florida says he plans to file a lawsuit to block Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) from using taxpayer money to arrange more flights of migrants from the southern border, CBS News reported.

State Sen. Jason Pizzo of Miami accused DeSantis of breaking the law last week when he transported nearly 50 migrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., and said his legal challenge is “imminent,” according to the report.

DeSantis has claimed that state lawmakers provided him with $12 million for a program to transport people who are in the country unlawfully. However, some have disputed the legality of the transports since the migrants flown to Martha’s Vineyard did not come from within the state and would be categorized as asylum-seekers.

The Florida governor has said he plans to continue transporting migrants to Democratic-led cities, noting that the two flights to Martha’s Vineyard were “just the beginning.” He joins similar efforts by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R), who have sent thousands of migrants to Washington, D.C., New York City and Chicago since April.

However, DeSantis is already facing one legal challenge. The group of Venezuelan migrants flown to Martha’s Vineyard filed a class-action lawsuit against the governor on Tuesday, alleging they boarded the planes under false pretenses. DeSantis has fired back, calling the lawsuit “political theater.”

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Sally Green
8d ago

so they don't want you to us to pay for the flights to send them someplace else so we're supposed to keep them and take care of them we're not a sanctuary state

Wayne Hudson
8d ago

When the biden administration was doing it secretly at night it was ok and supported. Now a few land on these elites doorstep and it’s a problem.

Dana Cunningham
8d ago

Biden is letting them in to get their votes period!!! Biden has put more tax burden on Americans than any other President in our country's history. Send them back to Mexico. let their own government take care of them. Americans are sick of paying for a delusional Bidens ideas!! If he won't send them back then send them all to him!! He's made millions off of inside deals with big companies so let him foitbthe bill to buy his votes


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