Vladimir Putin’s ‘Iron Doll’ says Russia should have nuked Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral

The Independent
The Independent

A Russian propagandist has claimed Vladimir Putin should have nuked Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, while all the “best people” were gathered in London.

Olga Skabeyeva, dubbed the Kremlin’s “Iron Doll”, made the claims on Monday during a discussion with Andrey Gurulev, a military commander and Member of the State Duma.

“Why should we bomb Ukraine or Germany? There is Britain - the root of all evil,” Gurulev said, sparking a shocking response from Skabeyeva.

“Then we should have done it today, when all the best people were at the [Queen’s] funeral... God forgive me.”

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Joe Dirt

Nukes is the only threat they have left. They have been completely embarrassed by the war with Ukraine. So they are just trying to make themselves feel powerful by threatening with nuclear weapons. Just blowing hot air and hoping someone actually thinks that they are still a powerful nation. Same with Iran and N Korea, they do the same thing. Trying to intimidate people by threatening nuclear war. All a bunch of idiots spewing lies

"Truth be Told"

This article is about a woman from Russia saying they should nuke the Queens funeral, and I posted that "You people in Russia should take classes on being nicer humans" and community guidelines comes at me with "MY POST IS INAPPROPRIATE".!!!???? WTF

Your Big Daddy

Russia no longer has a military to fight anyone. They only have a rag tag group of prison inmates that Ukraine will turn into fertilizer.


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