Walmart hit with massive backlash after leaked memo revealed why customers will soon be paying more for products

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The US Sun

WALMART has plans to start charging shoppers for substitutions they receive when an item in an online pickup or delivery order contains an out-of-stock item and customers are not happy.

Originally, customers have been charged the same price for the item they initially ordered, even if the substituted item was more expensive.
A memo that was sent to Walmart store managers Friday said the new substitution pricing policy is to be updated in the coming weeks Credit: Getty

A memo that was sent to Walmart store managers Friday said the new substitution pricing policy is to be updated in the coming weeks, Insider reported.

This change comes as the store continues to expand its grocery market share while trying not to alienate its value-based customers.

"Moving forward, customers will now pay the list price for specific substitution items made on their order," the memo reportedly said.

"Customers and members will receive updates about this change in the Walmart app at various points in their shopping experience."

This move with substitution item prices is part of a larger push to give customers "extra controls over what substitutions they receive when an item is unavailable," Walmart's memo said.

The extra control granted to customers includes giving them the opportunity to select and save preferences for substitutions and allowing them to accept or reject substitutions.

It also includes letting customers opt out of receiving certain substitutions for items or orders.

"As we continue to expand our popular online pickup and delivery service, we're giving our customers more control of how and when items are substituted," a Walmart spokesperson told Insider.

"This flexibility is an important part of how we continue to give our customers more control over their pickup and delivery experience,

"In addition, we've made the decision to start charging for any item substitutions within these orders – a standard practice in the industry."

Walmart representatives don't seem to be concerned about angering customers with the policy change amid inflation telling Insider "There will be a bit of a transition period" as people learn about the change.

"But overall, this is pretty common, and we don't anticipate customers would have an issue paying for items they're receiving from us."

The spokesperson added that if customers receive items they didn't want, there are easy ways to get refunds; at the store at the time of pickup or on the Walmart app for those making delivery orders.

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gray wolf

I personally don't understand why you would trust somebody else to pick out your groceries for you in the first place.

Carl Littrell Littrell

Walmart used to be the store I shopped they have changed so much and their prices keep going up now Walmart is my last choice to shop

basset hound

When shopping for groceries on line at Walmart there is a place where you can mark whether you want a subscription or not. Problem solved 🙂


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