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'Bound In Shackles': Royal Aide Confesses Queen Elizabeth Put A Time Limit On King Charles' Reign Months Before Her Death

By Rebecca Friedman,

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Queen Elizabeth II, who passed away on Thursday, September 8, at the age of 96, may be rolling in her grave now that King Charles has taken the throne.

Months prior to her death, the Queen devised a specific plan for how the royal family should move forward after she had passed.

“Her Majesty isn’t certain her family is up to the job of guiding Britain for the next 100 years,” a high-ranking royal aide exclusively told OK! last year.

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“She’s not convinced her heirs have the will, skill, or character to do it right,” the royal aide continued. “So the Queen has bound them in shackles that will survive long after she goes to the grave.”

Last year, Queen Elizabeth held a series of private meetings in order to provide detailed instructions on how to rule the kingdom after she was no longer alive.

Her tough love was well-respected considering she was the longest-reigning monarch in British history. With over 70 years as the leader of the United Kingdom, the Queen left behind a lot of empowering expectations for the royal family to live up to.

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In an effort to make sure they keep up the right image, Queen Elizabeth held a "no nonsense" summit at Sandringham in order to discuss a series of edicts to be followed after her death.

In her proposed plans, Her Majesty instructed specific orders for King Charles, now 73, only to rule until his 80th birthday. Following this age milestone, the Queen reportedly advised the throne to be assumed by Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton.

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Source: ok!

“Make no mistake, Her Majesty is in control – and she will be until she takes her last breath,” another high-level aide told OK! months before her death.

After living for over nine decades, the mother-of-four was fortunate to be able to keep her family in line — at least to the best of her ability.

“Her health is deteriorating rapidly as she wages a secret [health] battle ... but she intends to give the ailing monarchy its best chance of survival as her own days come to an end and her heroic 70 years on the throne,” spilled the royal insider.

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