Planning on getting Omicron booster? Here's what you need to know

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CBS Miami

MIAMI - Just as new shots are coming out targeting the Omicron variant, Sebastian Valle made his way to Tropical Park to get a boost.

"I'm getting the shot because I have to travel to France in November and I need to get another booster shot so I can go traveling," Valle said.

The new Moderna booster rolled out on Saturday in Miami-Dade with Pfizer beginning Thursday.

In the past 5 days, 279 people have gotten a vaccination shot in Miami-Dade.

"The old shots don't cover the Omicron Variant very well and that is the dominant variant that's circulating right now. So, it's very important to get this new shot that covers both," said Dr. June Steely.

She is the medical director with Nomi Health. They are providing vaccinations for Miami-Dade.

She explains when you're eligible for a boost. "If it's been 2 months since your last booster or since you've completed the primary series, then you should get this booster. If you've recently had COVID you can wait up to three months to get booster, but you don't have to you can get it sooner," she said.

If you plan on getting the monkey pox vaccination any time soon, Dr. Steely said the new booster will not get in the way.

"Flu season is coming up and so I would suggest at the same time you get your covid bivalent booster you also get your flu shot," Dr. Steely said. "If you're at risk for Monkey Pox you can get that at a similar time frame also," she said.

Valle tells us he's prepared to do it again if needed. "You already get the flu shot booster every year, so I don't see why you couldn't get a covid booster every year," he said.

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