U.S. completes renaming of 650 places to remove derogatory term

 28 days ago

Sept 8 (Reuters) - The Biden administration on Thursday said it had completed the removal of the word "squaw" from nearly 650 place names on federal land as part of an effort to reckon with the nation's racist past.

The Interior Deparment had said in November of last year that it was beginning a process to do away the word, a term for Indigenous women that Native Americans find offensive.

"I feel a deep obligation to use my platform to ensure that our public lands and waters are accessible and welcoming. That starts with removing racist and derogatory names that have graced federal locations for far too long," Interior Secretary Deb Haaland, the first Native American to lead a cabinet agency, said in a statement.

Interior said a task force established to oversee the name changes had received more than 1,000 recommendations, including hundreds through consultations with nearly 70 tribes.

The agency published the list of new names on a department website. The changes included renaming California's "Squaw Valley," the site of the 1960 Winter Olympic Games, "Olympic Valley."

In a separate process, Interior is also seeking public input on other derogatory terms in federal place names.

Reporting by Nichola Groom; Editing by Aurora Ellis

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Frank K
28d ago

… I hope that the next President removes the word “BIDEN” from any printed material or title or location. The world will be a better place for it….

Chris Koger
28d ago

I was never ever racist. the last decade has made me a racist. there is a such thing as too much of something is bad. the political correctness is out of hand. because it's rammed down our throats every day it has turned me. you must call someone African American even though they never were in Africa. it's ok to call me white, but not European American since I have closer ties to my European homeland than most blacks. I'm only 2 generations from my family coming over from my homeland. tThanks America. you cried about racism and now you can add me to the list of racist people. I hope you are happy. your goal of converting me and others has been accomplished.

progressive slayer
28d ago

Tearing down everything in America is what real communists do, it’s their way to change society to their world view. How else can they control people if things remain unchanged? After all people are nothing more than pawns to be controlled and manipulated into conformity to their sick twisted ideology. Unfortunately there are too many useful idiots in America now and they are multiplying to the detriment of peaceful society.


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