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Adam M
27d ago

moral of the story is we need to kick these criminals to the curb who hide behind titles and stop our country from being invaded by our own countrymen...this is more serious than people even know but nobody gives a damn and it's disappointing seeing people who call themselves Americans Dishonor and do a disservice to there owj country

für friedliche Zwecke
28d ago

moral of the story...dont take your phone when you plan to commit a crime...or when you are casing a joint...just leave your phone at home always

Joe Gaideski
27d ago

remember guilty by association? Now your grouped in and could be under surveillance just because you happen to be close to. whomever is being tracked. Total BS! How about we track the criminals in our government, where the real problem is! Big brother is always watching! God is the only one that has that right! Wake up people!


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