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Jeanne Periard

I love Kentucky! We are all just trying to live in this day and age! we of course have the horses, beautiful land and lakes,state parks.Alot of farms.I live in Western Kentucky and it's beautiful here!

Jeffrey B

Compared to many other states at least we don't have the homeless and drug addicts $h*tin on the sidewalk and open air drug markets everywhere, and most Kentuckians still know how to define the difference between a man and a woman, so for now I think I'll stay here.They say we are one of the last states to catch up with the rest of the country, but at the rate the rest of the country is headed these days I say good! Maybe we don't wanna catch up.

Charlie Leasor

I moved to Kentucky in May of 2013 I love it here I will remain here to my last breath I can see why they said this and have a good idea the type of person or persons it was they can't stand us because we are independent, honest God fearing people that don't accept their evil morals or agendas just stay out of Kentucky we don't want your type here anyway go to the nearest safe place and bury your heads like a ostrich


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