Judge denies visitation for Irvine doctor accused of poising husband with Drano


Judge denies visitation for Irvine doctor accused of poising husband with Drano 02:11

Only a single nod of relief by Dr. Jack Chen after an Orange County Judge denied any visitations between his wife, Irvine dermatologist Dr. Yue Yu.

"I am not going to grant any communication between the respondent and the children," the judge said.

Chen accused his wife of using Drano to poison him and during a hearing in family court on Thursday, the judge extended a restraining order against Yu, keeping the couple's two young children in his custody. Chen's attorney claims they have hours of video that shows her pouring the toxic substance into his cup. The attorney said it was given to officials at the Irvine Police Department and Orange County District Attorney's office.

"Taking a sip of his tea, putting it on the table, putting Saran wrap over it to protect it," said Chen's attorney, Steven Hittelman. "After he left the room, Dr. Yu came in, lifted the Saran wrap, put in the Drano and put the Saran wrap over it."

However, Dr. Yu's attorneys said despite multiple requests, they have not seen the videos and have only been given screenshots that they believe do not show a criminal act.

"This father does not want to turn over the videotape that he claims shows the mother, our client, poisoning him," said Yu's attorney, David Wohl. "Why? Because it never happened."

Still, Chen claims he developed severe internal injuries a few months ago. At the same time, he began noticing an odd taste in his tea.

"He may have been ill. He may have had ulcers," said Wohl. "He may have had an inflamed esophagus for another reason. Or worst case scenario, he may have ingested Drano himself to injure himself and then blame Mrs. Yu."

The husband's attorney said the video will be released to the defense team once the Irvine PD and DA's office gives them permission. Prosecutors have not officially filed any criminal charges against Dr. Yu at this time.

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