Handbag dead giveaway for Md. couple trying to dodge duty fees

WMAR 2 News Baltimore
WMAR 2 News Baltimore

STERLING, Va. — When traveling back to the U.S. from another country, you are required to report all items you bought while visiting.

After an expensive trip to France, a couple from Maryland brought back nearly $100,000 in designer items including Chanel purses. The two were Global Entry trusted travel members. According to the Customs and Border Protection website, they are allowed quicker clearance upon arriving in the United States.

When the Maryland couple reached customs, they checked in at a kiosk but were eventually questioned by a CBP officer. That officer asked them about their purchases overseas. The couple originally said nothing, but a second officer asked about their Chanel bag. The couple then told the officers they made purchases between $300 and $900.

CBP officers eventually found 41 more new designer items. Eventually, the couple shared their receipts showing they spent a total of $96,871 on their items. To keep those purchases, the couple had to pay another $27,289 in fees and penalties.

CBP is in the process of taking away their Global Entry memberships.

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Rich and entitled!! These people know the best how to play the system. They have $100k to drop on accessories but do not want to pay tax. The purses should be confiscated and they should pay $27k penalties for federal crime.

Nancy Walcutt

I was reminded to be kind...... ok..... this couple are lying about what they bought ... and had a hundred thousand to drop on designer things ..... what else have they lied about to be able to afford those designer things ? hmmm


Well I'm guessing she lied about the bag she was holding too -- it was more than $400 dollars if 41 purses was $100K.


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