SEE IT: Mike Tyson in wheelchair weeks after claiming his death is ‘coming close’

Washington Examiner
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Charlie O

No matter what just make sure that you repent or your sins and accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior. Not to say that you're living a willfully sinful lifestyle just saying to always ask for forgiveness!

Adina Rallis

We all Love you Mike. We wish you the very best as your fighting you health.


Hopefully you got treatment for your sciatica. I have been dealing with it since June 18 in lots of pain even had to be removed from my home by ambulance I was in excruciating pain. Can’t get treatment anywhere had to wait six weeks to get first spinal injection begged for help and was told that is the best we can do. The medical field is a train wreck I even told the doctor it was inhumane the way I have been treated and they just shrug their shoulders. I would not wish this on anyone it ruined my entire summer and the pain continues 24-7. Even seeing a chiropractor and went to see a acupuncture person only caused more pain.


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