Video shows child tumble out of moving car on I-69 feeder in southwest Houston

ABC13 Houston
ABC13 Houston

A bizarre video sent to ABC13 shows the frantic moments as a child fell out of a moving car in southwest Houston.

The dashcam video was sent in on Tuesday by a witness.

The sender, who did not want to be identified, said the incident happened at about 4:30 p.m. Tuesday in the 6600 block of the I-69 Southwest Freeway at Hilcroft.

In the video, you can see a red SUV taking a right turn onto the feeder. That's when the small child somehow rolled out onto the street.

The driver stopped to scoop up the child, who appeared to have no signs of injuries.

ABC13 reached out to Houston police to see if they received any service calls at that scene, but officers said they didn't hear anything.

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Silvia Calaway

How about charging the parent/driver for child endangerment for putting the baby "back" into the car WITHOUT a child restraint which is how it probably fell out to begin with?? Smh

Tahmara Dickson

Ok I see a lot of insinuating this mother was showing a sign of neglect and did not have her child in a restraint all from people who were not in the car.. one thing I can say is she needs to have child lock on. as far as her putting the child in a restraint she could have had the child in one.. Dies anyone know that these children of today are not like the children of yesteryears my son who is now 22 years of age completely got out of his restraints locked in a car seat very smart knew how to get out both ways unlocking the car seat and maneuvering his arms and legs around the same child that knew how to climb out of his playpen so I made sure I kept the child-proof lock on so he could not open the door fast forward my oldest son 28 years of age has a child that knows how to get out of his car seat so he makes sure the child-proof lock is on the door

sandyb sandy

well if they enhance the license plate they can review the case a little bit better thank God no cars were coming rude warning


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