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Daunxpected 63rd-King

expell all those that attacked the kid for the whole school year. Let their parents deal with them for an entire year at home.Now, they've lost a school year... and any subquient violations after this will end up with loosing another school year..Bullying and Violence should NOT be Tolerated in any school..


Ridiculous-back in the day an adult had all the right. whether parent, neighbor, teacher or whomever to discipline children-nowadays these children know they can do whatever, little bullies piling up on one child-my opinion the bus driver as an adult should have at least protected that child.

Anonymous Truth

Suspend all of the students off the bus that were fighting and bullying these two kids. Let their parents figure it out how they'll get the trouble makers back and forth to school. The mother of the two kids that got assaulted needs to press charges and take any legal action she can. Because the bullies will start targeting her kids at school out of spite. I believe it's against the law for kids to be walking around or standing while the bus is moving anyway. This was the bus driver's loop hole to stop all of it before things got that bad. Then move the two kids to the front in a seat directly behind them. Then the driver could've reported the bullies to the school the next day. I understand not wanting to risk losing a job but the bus driver should've did what was right, forget the rules, pulled over and stop that fight immediately!! People are trusting them to keep their kids safe.


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