Man left bloodied after dozens of bicyclists surround his car in the South End

Boston 25 News WFXT
Boston 25 News WFXT

BOSTON — Police are trying to find the specific bicyclist who threw punches and assaulted a man on Tremont Street in broad daylight in front of multiple restaurants.

Witnesses say he just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. The witnesses tell us they stopped everything they were doing when the bicyclists in these newly released images rode through Tremont Street around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, causing what they call mayhem.

“They just started whaling,” said Henri Baez, who lives nearby. “All of these kids on their bikes, weaving in and out of traffic, almost got hit by a car. A gentleman beeped his horn, and he got out, and I guess they hit his car or he hit one of them or thought he did, and it just went crazy from there on – and they attacked the poor man.”

They say that man got caught in the middle of the large group, and when he asked them to move, found himself surrounded by the bicyclists.

“There were a lot of guys yelling,” said Ron Mallis, who lives nearby. “I went to the window and saw this cluster of three dozen, maybe two to three dozen, kids on bikes.”

“Seventy-five to 100, maybe more,” said Baez. “All young teenagers.”

However many of them it was, eventually they took off, leaving that man bloodied and bruised. Those same witnesses brought towels to help him out, and police say a coworker drove him to the hospital.

“Whatever possessed them to think they could just take over the street,” said Mallis.

We spoke to the victim by phone, and he said he is going to be okay and that he is just a hard-working man who had left one job and was on the way to another job when the bikers got in his way. When he asked them to move, the attack happened.

He had blood all over his pants and cuts to his mouth, but other than that he says he’ll be fine.

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The savages seem to be everywhere this summer. If you’re not legally carrying, then illegally carry. But do what you can to make sure you’re the one who walks away. It’s not like anything you take out is important

Jay Scrappa

How long is it going to be until they pull this with the wrong person and they just get mowed over by the victims car? Someone with anxiety problems is going to panic and run a bunch of kids over. Sadly that person will probably be prosecuted for attempted murder or something🙄

Billy P

District attorneys have given the green light to these individuals to do as they please without any worry of repercussions! If you are a victim of these thugs you will not get justice! If you spend anytime at all in Boston you better be prepared to defend yourself. It's going to get worse until these pro criminal politicians are voted out and until then enjoy the carnage, it's exactly what you voted for!


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