New Details Released About Missing Missouri Couple Last Seen In Oklahoma

News 9 KWTV - Oklahoma City
News 9 KWTV - Oklahoma City

New information surrounding the disappearance of a Missouri couple last seen in Oklahoma.

Earlier this month family members told News 9 they believed Stephen Walker was tangled up with some dangerous people. New documents reveal why.

Stephen Walker, 50, is no stranger to the law. His wife's family believes his affiliation with a violent organization could have something to do with their disappearance.

“He has a ton of racist tattoos. Like, he's a skin head through and through,” said a family member.

According to court filings he was arrested in Arizona after he was pulled over with "30- 50 pounds of Methamphetamine, firearms and a large amount of money."

His wife Audrey, 21 at the time was also with him.

“Because of the huge age gap, the cops were like, you're not supposed to be here kind of thing and they sent her home,” said family.

Fast forward to January 11, 2022, with Stephen out of jail, Audrey let relatives know they were staying at an Edmond hotel.

“So, she just dropped them the location and didn't say anything. So, my brother was like what's this all about? Why are you sending me your location, what are you doing in Oklahoma?”

On January 15, the couple's pickup was found in a ditch in Logan County, the keys were still inside.

Investigators found the seats and floorboard stained with blood, the interior of the cab was splashed with bleach, and two bullets were recovered, one was taken from the driver's side door, the other one was removed from the back seat.

Michael missed his court dates, related to his arrest in Arizona, in March and then May.

“He went on the run, but he owed a lot of people after that. A lot of rumors are that some bad people wanted to get a hold of him,” said family.

Records also show Walker is suspected in a 1998 cold case murder in Florida. If you know anything contact OSBI.

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oh yeah?

My guess is they are no longer with us . The criminal enterprise he associates with has the answers .

Reahlene Roberts

Baster sorry axx done killed this girl why she not reason you went to jail he too old for her I hope they find her give family closer


Staged scene. Dropped pin so the scene would be found. They gone


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