Eerie details emerge in disappearance of man, 20, who vanished without a trace from a shed near his home

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The US Sun

NEW evidence has pointed to a suspect in the disappearance of a 20-year-old man after he vanished out of nowhere more than two decades ago.

Branson Perry was cleaning up his house in Skidmore, Missouri awaiting his father’s return from the hospital in April of 2001.
Branson Perry, 20, (pictured) had disappeared back in 2001 after putting something away in his shed
After more than 21 years of searching for clues, police have found a suspect, but don’t have enough evidence to make an arrest

He went to put some jumper cables in a shed near his home but then disappeared without a trace.

The case eventually turned cold after detectives couldn’t find any leads.

But Michael Kurz, a New Jersey police officer, wouldn’t give up and spent his off-time looking for clues in Perry’s disappearance for 18 years, News-Press Now reported.

“I started reading his case and there were so many twists and turns that didn’t add up,” Kurz told the outlet. “That’s why I started researching the case, just out of curiosity.”

During his search, Kurz would post information about the case on social media in hopes that someone would reach out to him with a tip.

He went to great lengths, even visiting Perry’s hometown on summer vacation last year.

Both Kurz and the Nodaway County Sheriff’s Office concluded that Perry’s case is drug-related.

Perry’s aunt, Gail McMurray, told News-Press Now that she knew her nephew to be a compassionate man who loved nature.

Perry eventually confided in his aunt about wanting to get off of drugs.

“He kept that part of him away from me,” she said. “I knew about him, going camping and all the fun stuff and about his personal life, but I did not know anything about the drug life.”

Perry vanished only days before he was going to go to rehab for his addiction.

After years of searching, Kurz and Nodaway County Sheriff Randy Strong claim to have found a suspect, but even after decades of investigating, they don’t have enough evidence to arrest anyone.

Nodaway County Captian Austin Hann told the outlet:

“You want to make sure you have as much evidence as you can to get probable cause to make that arrest and send a good, solid, fully investigated case up to the courts to hopefully get a conviction on that and get some justice in that case.”

For an arrest to be made, Kurz said a body would likely have to be found, but Perry’s remains were never recovered.

“It’s difficult to make an arrest for a situation like a homicide without a body or without Branson’s remains,” Kurz said.

Perry’s aunt believes that people are too scared to provide the evidence needed to make an arrest without a body.

“People don’t want to come forward,” McMurray said. “Their lives are going to be in danger if they know who did it.”

“Someone knows something … I promised his dad and grandparents that I would never give up on finding Branson,” she told News-Press Now.

Kruz is also not ready to give up. “I’m never going to let his name die,” Kurz said. “I’m going to keep it active. I refuse to quit and I want everybody to know his case.”
A cop from New Jersey took an interest in this cold case and has made a breakthrough with the help from the Nodaway County Sheriff’s Office

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Sad 😔 I hope that this detective finds the answers he needs to get justice for this young man. 🙏 I'm glad someone still cares enough to put their personal time into it and I really pray that he is able to crack this.

Mark Smith

Same town that several years earlier a town bully was killed. No one was ever arrested or charged, even though there were people around when it happened. No one said a word to police to this day. Look it up.

Gail Spillman MacMurray

As Branson Perry's Aunt I want to thank everyone for the kind words and prayers. It's been a nightmare


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