Long Beach kicks boat out of Shoreline Marina after rash of police calls, disturbances

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After a string of police calls and public disturbances including a recent burglary, the Long Beach Marine Advisory Commission took the rare move Thursday of evicting a boat from the Shoreline Marina.

Kimberly Wilson, who has had a permit to dock her vessel at the city-owned marina since 2013, must move her 26-foot powerboat, named Humble Aboat, by Sunday, Aug. 21, according to city officials. Reached after the hearing, Wilson said she will have the boat, which no longer runs, towed out of the marina and junked.

Marine officials initially canceled Wilson’s non-liveaboard permit on June 30 for disturbing “the peaceful use and occupancy or the public health, safety, welfare and convenience of the users of the Marina facilities,” according to a city staff report. But on Aug. 11, Wilson appealed the cancelation to the city’s Marine Advisory Commission.

That panel upheld the cancelation by a 4-0 vote. It was only the third time in the past two years commissioners have upheld an eviction, according to city records.

The decision comes in the wake of 19 incidents when Marina Patrol and/or Long Beach Police personnel responded to issues regarding Wilson and her 40-year-old son Dustin Bumsted, according to a July 29 memo on the matter from Marine Operations Superintendent Todd Leland.

The Humble Aboat, center, will have to be removed from the Shoreline Marina by Sunday, Aug. 21, 2022. Photo by Anthony Pignataro.

The calls for service were for a wide range of reasons, including “potential family dispute, battery, forgery, theft, stolen vehicle, unwelcome subject at location, burglary and verbal dispute,” according to Leland. The first call stretches back to April 13, 2019, but they’ve become more frequent in recent months, with more than half during the last year, records show.

Authorities eventually moved to revoke Wilson’s permit days after her son Bumsted “was found to have broken into another vessel in our marina,” Leland told the commission.

Bumsted had used his mother’s fob to access other portions of the marina, Leland told the commission.

Police arrested Bumsted that day on suspicion of residential burglary and grand theft, according to LBPD spokesperson Paige White. Jail records show he was also arrested in May on suspicion of misdemeanor battery and in April 2019 on suspicion of felony battery.

Wilson asked the commissioners for sympathy, saying she was responsible for calling the police on her own son all 19 times. She told the commission that Bumsted has since entered a rehabilitation center for drug use, where he is today.

“I was trying to be a good person,” Wilson said. “I’ve been living a nightmare for the last year and a half. I’m a victim here.”

Leland reiterated to the commission that under the terms of her permit, Wilson was responsible for all actions of her and her guests.

Commissioner Bruce Mac Rae told Wilson the commission has to look at the safety of everyone at the marina, he said, adding that “if someone gets hurt, it’s on our hands.”

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Michael Jagschitz

So the boat caused the disturbance or the owner. The headlines on this app sometimes seem to be something that a child wrote.

Alex L

Rich? I don't think so? A friend of mine has a boat there but he said it's a mid-level Marina. I've lived in The South Bay and Long Beach my whole life and have never been to Long Beach Marina so personally i wouldn't know. I feel bad for her though having to deal with her Son who is 40 btw. Poor woman.. That's a lot to deal with and now having to junk the boat. Sad story.. I wish her the best and also to her Son. Hopefully when he's released he can stay out of trouble and also stay clean and then hopefully start to help his Mother out like she i bet has done his whole life for him. Good Luck to both of them.


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