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Canby Herald
 2022-08-15 Future planning efforts for city housing and economic opportunity are part of new survey for locals

The City of Canby is working on future planning efforts for Canby housing and economic opportunity assessments. And they'd like to know what locals think.

The housing and economic needs assessment will be focused on the needs of the community through demographic and buildable lands assessment. The buildable lands assessment will identify how much additional land will be needed to accommodate forecasted populations and jobs within the next 20-years.

The Canby Housing and Economic Opportunities Community Survey presents information about housing and economic trends and asks for your ideas on how the city can expand housing choices and employment opportunities.

The survey runs through Friday, Aug. 19. Responses will be kept confidential and summarized in a final report.

Housing and Economic Opportunities Survey:

The city encourages survey-takers to share this survey with friends and family who may be interested in Canby's future.

For more information on the Long Range Planning efforts, please see the Canby Housing and Economic Opportunity Assessments page at

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