Police: 2 killed, 9 others injured in horrific crash in West Philadelphia

6abc Action News
6abc Action News

Two people were killed and nine others were injured in a horrific crash in West Philadelphia.

It happened just after 3 a.m. Sunday when police say a speeding Dodge Charger ran a red light and crashed into a Hyundai at 52nd and Walnut streets.

Police say two out of the three people inside the Hyundai died. A third victim was rushed to an area hospital with critical injuries.

There were eight people inside the Dodge Charger at the time of the crash, according to police.

The driver and passenger were both seriously injured.

Six others were injured and taken to an area hospital for evaluation.

"The driver of the charger was also taken to hospital in critical condition suffering from severe head trauma. He's being held for possible charges," said Philadelphia Police Inspector D.F. Pace.

Police say the Hyundai was damaged so badly that officers were unable to determine the model of the vehicle.

Anyone with information on this crash is asked to call Philadelphia police.

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Ron Gant

to many Al Sharpton grandkids together around there ,west philadelphia is a total disaster, those Al Sharpton grandkids Running wild all the time....

amazing planet

Philadelphia has a shortage of 600 officers,dirt bikers roaming the streets all day and also after the riots are not willing to enforce.We have a problem and it started with media demonizing the police instead to say police in USA answer over 100 million 911 calls. America streets are 3 world status thanks to ABC,NBC,CNN,CBS,Washington post and others


You can thank city council for voting into law that Philly cops cannot pull people over for traffic violations. But at the same time this it’s happening all over the cities and suburbs.


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