Naomi Judd was found alive after self-inflicted firearm wound: Court filing

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Wilma Culp

My question is that if she had a history of suicide attempts why did she have access to a gun and ammunition?

Caroline Besinger

nobody should Judgeing this is a private family matter we don't know her struggles on this Earth may she rest in peace and may God bring peace to this family it really is a tragedy. prayers for all amen

Ruby Brooks Gibson

What this woman did to her daughter's was cruel . She made sure that Ashley was there to find her and she did it one day before Winona and herself were being inducted into the hall of fame. It's like she meant to inflict pain on her girls. I think she didn't have depression I think she had an addiction problem that her doctors started and helped along. When I saw how bloated her face looked and watched how her daughter Winona pulled back as she was hanging on her that I have family that has been in those same shoes. I had 2 sister's that had doctors feeding their addiction problem with supposed depression and health problems. But when they died 4 months apart their death certificates did not back up anything the doctor had said about their health and mental health.


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