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Todd N Holly Retterer

Educate yourself!!! Spay and nueter your animals if you can't be a responsible dog/cat owner. Enough said!

need another trump

Terrible picture. No one needs to see that. Beautiful cats in that heap of death.😡

John Flanagan

If law enforcement can't follow the letter of law on or regarding cat's and dogs,then it may fair to say they only follow laws or parts of laws when they feel like doing so. This puts them above the law ! They took a oath to abide all laws ! Their attitude to not do as they sworn to do should result in them not being in the law enforcement field. No law enforcement officer has the right to only follow any given law to their own personal liking. Don't get me wrong by my words . I praise all law enforcement that attempt to perform their duties and keep cities and towns safe and peaceful. Everyone must answer for their actions at some point no matter to what degree their actions may be. For those above them don't hold them accountable then they should be removed from their position also. The governor is the highest in command and he/she must make sure everyone follows every law no matter what law it may be.


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