Police arrest man for attempted kidnapping at Western Montana Fair


Missoula police report they arrested a man for attempted kidnapping at the Western Montana Fair Friday afternoon.

Missoula police spokesperson Lydia Arnold says the child was grabbed and picked up at the Western Montana Fair by suspect male, Robert Price.

Arnold said Price began to run with the child in his arms.

Price was pursued and set the child down. Law enforcement took Price into custody. The child was physically unharmed and is safe.

The attempted kidnapping occurred Friday when the child’s father stepped back to take a photograph of the child enjoying a fair activity.

Arnold says prior to the attempted kidnapping, law enforcement was alerted to unsettling behavior displayed by Price at the fair and had a description of Price.

Prior to Friday, on August 10th, Missoula Police Department arrested Price on charges of Assault with a Weapon, Animal Cruelty, and additional charges.

Price was released on his own recognizance. Subsequently, Price went to the Western Montana Fair where the attempted kidnapping took place.

Missoula Police Department understands this case is unsettling and affects our entire community. The case is still under investigation by Missoula Police Department.

At this time, no additional details are being released.

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Bill Hume

I can remember when a man in a case like this one would have gotten his child back and let the police have the kidnappers body. they don't make men like they used to.

Mathieu LaTreille

PRIME EXAMPLE of the result of VOTING BLUE... true blue = 🤪pervs👾thugs... 'cause, we gotta "give them a chance"... 🤦🏻‍♂️


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