Falcons Legend Deion Sanders Belittles NFL Hall of Fame

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Falcon Report

No more Gold Jacket for Sanders?

The Atlanta Falcons have nine players in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but one of them believes his spot in Canton isn't enough.

Star cornerback Deion Sanders , speaking on behalf of Well Off Media, revealed that he believes the Hall of Fame is beginning to lower their standards for inductees.

“The Hall of Fame ain’t the Hall of Fame no more," Sanders said . "I love it, I respect it, I admire it. I think all the guys who are inducted are definitely deserving, but it needs to be a different color jacket. My jacket’s got to be a different color."

There are 362 players enshrined in the Hall of Fame, a number that Sanders is okay with. However, he feels that his individual spot in Canton is deserving of better company - players who were "game changers," not just "good."

"There needs to be a starting 11," argued Sanders. "There needs to be an upper room. My head don’t belong with some of these other heads that’s in the Hall of Fame. This thing is becoming a free for all, man.”

Largely viewed as one of the best cornerbacks in league history, Sanders' list of accolades features a Defensive Player of the Year award, and eight Pro Bowl and All-Pro selections. That's just the football side of things.

Sanders played nine seasons in the MLB, including three-plus with the Atlanta Braves. He's the only athlete to appear in both the Super Bowl and World Series.

Now the head coach of top HBCU football program Jackson State, Sanders is still just as involved as ever with game-changing athletes. As far as he's concerned, the Hall of Fame needs changing soon, so that the next generation of stars truly earn their way to Canton.

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