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True Voice

The story is real at San Haven, kids were playing around..rumors start though..2 theories as I went to school with 2 of them that were their and one died on scence..something that night as I was doing a ride along with an officer, but I got ill all of sudden and went home early..anyways that night they went their to play around (like many of us did, I actually resided up their with family who watched the property when younger, the stories I could tell.) they found the shaft for laundry and figured it was closed in areas, daring each other someone pushed 2 of them, first one died instantly second was saved because of landing on the first..2nd one was they were drunk and wanted to go down it, but not knowing it was open, straight one will ever speak and always call it an accident..🪶🪶🪶💙💙💙🪶🪶🪶


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