Jeremy Kyle under fire for calling Nicola Sturgeon a 'horrible woman up north'


Jeremy Kyle has come under fire for referring to Nicola Sturgeon as "that horrible woman up north," during discussions about the cost of living crisis.

The presenter is filling in for Piers Morgan on his TV talk show at the moment while he is away in America and spoke about the inflation hike with political commentator Marina Purkiss and broadcaster Emma Webb.

Kyle expressed his opinion that this could spell bad news for the Tories in the future, and also didn't hold back his thoughts about Scotland's first minister either.

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"I actually think this cost of living crisis, and this taking the electorate for granted is going to cast the Tories into the wilderness for years and my theory is that horrible woman up north is going to start.

"What’s her name? Nicola Sturgeon , she’ll be in power in a minute. What’s gonna happen then?"

But Purkiss then questioned Kyle whether his stance would be different if he were Scottish, asking: "If you were a Scot, wouldn’t you want to be breaking away from this lot?"

Doubling down, Kyle replied: "I’m quite happy if they wanna break away but don’t start me on her [Nicola Sturgeon] because she annoys me."

He also added that he "loved" the comment Liz Truss's made about Sturgeon where the foreign secretary and Tory leadership candidate said she would just "ignore" the SNP leader if she's the next prime minister.

However, Kyle's comments didn't go down well on Twitter as viewers slated the TV host for his "bigotry and ignorance" and said his "condescension" made the "most compelling case" for Scottish independence.

Nicola Sturgeon - who leads the largest political party in Scotland - gave a speech in June where she set out a plan for a second independence referendum and proposed the vote to take place on October 19 2023.

Previously, the majority of Scots (55 per cent) voted to remain as part of the UK in the 2014 referendum .

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