Ivey’s office addresses concerns over the Alabama governor’s health

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WRBL News 3

ALABAMA ( WRBL ) – Rumors about the health of Alabama Governor Kay Ivey have been circulating on social media, with posts claiming she is ill.

The rumors have suggested that Ivey’s cancer has returned. In September 2019, Ivey was diagnosed with Stage 1 lung cancer. She underwent radiation treatment for a small malignancy on her lung and was later found to be cancer-free in January 2020.

Ivey’s office is now addressing the recent rumors, saying Ivey remains cancer-free. A release from Ivey’s Director of Communications, Gina Maiola said rumors about her health are “bogus” and the governor is “doing great” and looking forward to serving the state of Alabama for years to come.

The following release from Maiola was sent out on August 11, 2022:

“When it’s a slow news day in the summer, rumors run rampant in the Capital City. While I did not want to give any credibility to these bogus rumors, I do want to be sure to clear the air and set the record straight. Governor Ivey is doing great, and she continues to thank the Good Lord for keeping her healthy and cancer-free. We look forward to her leading the state of Alabama for years to come.” Gina Maiola, Governor Ivey’s Communications Director

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Sean Gentry

I do wish Kay Ivey well. But, we do not need our taxes raised again like last time regarding the gas tax. We need our taxes cut. Inflation is still high and families are struggling to get by financially.

Laura Minton

I do not look forward to Kay Ivey "serving" the people of Alabama for years to come and I know I'm not alone. She needs to retire so she can stay healthy, if she really is.


I wish her well. I don't vote Republican, but so far she is the most honest Governor we had in decades. Politicians do lie I'm not crazy. Yet, if you know the history of Alabama she is probably the best Governor the State had in decades.


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