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An old woman is stunned when she learns about her daughter's pregnancy in an unexpected video call. She rushes to support her during childbirth, but after the baby is born, her daughter doesn't let her see the child.

"What do you mean by it's too soon, Marie? Don't act like a child! You're 33 already! It's time to consider marriage and starting a family. Aren't you aware that most women start menopause in their early 40s? I don't believe you have enough time, dear!"

It was another phone conversation Irene was having with her daughter Marie about her life, and she could see where it was going.

Irene was a single mother who raised Marie alone after her husband died of cancer when Marie was four years old. They shared a close bond, and they phoned each other regularly after Marie had to move to a different state due to requirements at work.

With time, as Irene's age advanced, she craved to have grandchildren, which is why she wanted Marie to get married and start thinking about having a family. But Marie didn't want to rush things.
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"I - I'm not sure, mom," she finally said. "I have a lot of things on my mind right now. My work, my business. I believe that having a family and getting settled can wait."

"You're making a mistake, Marie! Let me be crystal clear! Girls your age manage both babies and their house and their work! Do whatever you want! I'm done talking to you! Call me only if you feel that it's necessary. Otherwise, your mother can wait too!" Irene repeated Marie's words as a taunt and hung up the phone.

"MOM?" Marie covered her baby so Irene wouldn't see her. "Leave, mom! I don't want you to see my child! Please!"

In the coming weeks, Irene didn't call Marie thinking her silent protest would change Marie's mind and convince her to get married. But at one point, when Marie didn't call her either, she started to miss her. She picked up her phone several times attempting to call her, but she never did.

"No, I'm not going to call her," she told herself. "She must realize she is not thinking straight! If anyone should call first, it's her!" And so it happened that Marie called her only a week later, except that it wasn't intentional.
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Irene allowed the phone to ring for a while before answering because she didn't want to show her desperation.

"So, you finally found the time to call your mother?" she said when she finally picked up. She paused when she heard Marie's voice on the other end of the line. She could sense something was off.

"Hey…Mom?" Marie moaned. "I'm sorry, I dialed your number by accident...But…."

Irene was worried. Marie didn't sound well. "What's wrong, Marie? Are you okay?"

"I - I don't know, mom." Marie started to cry. "I can't. I can't—" and then the call went quiet.

"Marie? Honey, are you there? Can you turn on the video?" There was no response from Marie, and then Irene suddenly heard faint sobs.

"Mom!" Marie cried. "Ahh…I can't take this! It hurts, mom…."

"MARIE, what's wrong?" Irene sprang to her feet, terrified. "SWITCH THE VIDEO ON, HONEY! NOW! I'm here, okay?"
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When Marie switched on the video, Irene couldn't believe her eyes. Her daughter was screaming in pain on the kitchen floor, holding her tummy. She couldn't believe her daughter…was pregnant!

Marie was at least 7 months along and in terrible pain. She needed to be taken to the hospital right away! Irene stayed with Marie on the call and kept consoling her.

"Honey, you're pregnant? Don't worry. I'm calling Mrs. Stenfield right now! Everything's going to be fine. I know you got this, honey."

When Marie nodded, Irene's tears knew no bounds. Her daughter hid her pregnancy from her. Why?

Mrs. Steinfield, Marie's next-door neighbor and a doctor, was thankfully home and rushed Marie to the hospital. On the other hand, Irene began checking for flights as soon as she hung up the phone, and she was fortunate enough to book one two hours later.

Irene hopped into a cab, her heart racing as she thought about her pregnant daughter and how she was crying uncontrollably on the phone.
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When she arrived, she rushed to the hospital where Marie was being treated, and Mrs. Stenfield informed her that Marie had given birth to a baby girl.

"Really? Oh, I want to see my granddaughter! I desperately want to hold her!" Irene was in tears. But she got the shock of her life when she found out she wouldn't be able to meet her grandchild.

"Well, Irene," Mrs. Stenfield sighed. "Marie doesn't want that. She said she would speak with you later, and she didn't want you to see her baby. She was very serious."

"What nonsense!" Irene yelled. "She would never say that!"

"But, that's what—"

Before Mrs. Stenfield could finish, Irene burst into Marie's ward, and she was shocked to see a man helping her daughter. As Marie held the baby, he kissed her on her forehead.

"She is beautiful, darling," he said. "We're gonna be the best parents to him!"
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"Excuse me?!" Irene screamed as she entered the ward. "Who are you, and this baby….."

"MOM?" Marie covered her baby so Irene wouldn't see her. "Leave, mom! I don't want you to see my child! Please!" she begged, sobbing.

"But, but why would you say that, honey?" Irene asked, teary-eyed. "She's my grandchild!"

"That's because, mom," Marie said, trying her best to hold back her tears, "my baby takes after his father. He is black, mom, and I know you won't appreciate his skin color. Please don't say mean things about my child. Josh and I hadn't planned this pregnancy, but we couldn't bring ourselves to abort the child. We want to be the best parents to her. I didn't want to upset you, mom, so I didn't tell you about Josh and our pregnancy. I know you would disapprove of our relationship because you want me to marry someone who is, well, white, but please, mom…."

"Marie! How could you even—"
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"Please, mom! I love Josh! He didn't leave me with the baby and supported me throughout the pregnancy. We have plans of getting married, mom. We love each other! And I am not leaving him!"

When Irene saw Marie holding the baby close to her and how Josh was a supportive partner to her daughter, she began to regret many things, especially her biases. She realized her daughter was blessed to have someone so supportive by her side, and all she could do at this point was rectify her mistake. She approached Marie and Josh, held their hands, and apologized to them.

"I'm sorry, children," she said. "You helped me realize that we older generations are so rigid at times that we lose sight of what actually matters in life. If you two are happy and my grandchild lives a long and happy life, there's nothing more I want from the Lord. I'm sorry, dear."

She looked at her grandchild. "Your grandmother was wrong. Please forgive her... And you two, oh, come here…." Irene hugged Josh and Marie and promised she would try to be a better person.
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Seeing Irene had realized her mistake, Josh and Marie forgave her, and they were glad their baby was not deprived of her grandmother's love.

When Irene finally held the baby, she couldn't help but cry at her innocent smile and pretty eyes. "She is beautiful. Oh, my grandchild…."

A few months later, Josh and Marie decided to tie the knot, and the person who was most excited about it was Irene. She couldn't help but cry when she witnessed her daughter in a stunning satin gown exchanging vows with the man of her dreams, a loving father, a great son-in-law, and a very humble human.

What can we learn from this story?

  • What matters is a person's heart, not their skin color. Josh was a wonderful partner who was always by Marie's side and loved her. When Irene saw him helping Marie, she realized how wrong she was not to appreciate Josh for how caring he was.
  • Instead of rejecting our children's choices blatantly, we should try to understand and accept them. Irene had this hard realization when her daughter forbade her from seeing her grandchild. In a way, Marie's firm decision taught Irene to respect people for who they were rather than evaluate them based on their skin tone.

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