Alabama English Teacher, 22, Thought ‘Tingly Numbness’ In Her Toes Was From Her High Heels: It Turned Out To Be Cancer
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debrah neal

How on earth can a mind can come up with a way to politicize this young woman's health issues and job situation? Unbelievable! Keep your positive attitude young lady and I wish you and your family all the best!


This is at least the 6th story I’ve seen on here from survivor net saying.. they had pain in their toe, it was cancer; they had a cough, it was cancer, they had a pain in their arm, it was cancer. I know doctors haven’t had the greatest track record lately with their diagnoses, but the headlines for this forum are always the same. ???? #themoreyouknow I guess.

Bill Rains

I lost a sister in law to it when she was 32 years old and we raised her daughter. They took out 11 inches of her leg bone and got rid of it but it came back and killed her. When they put her on Interferon we knew her time was about up. It’s the one Steve McQueen went to Mexico to get before it was legal here. The night she died is one of the worst of my life. She really suffered at the end.


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