‘Blue Bloods’ Star Bridget Moynahan Posts Photo of Erin Reagan’s Huge ‘Endorsement’

For months now, fans of the hit CBS TV procedural drama series Blue Bloods have been wondering…will Bridget Moynahan’s Erin Reagan be tossing her hat into the ring, vying for the Manhattan District Attorney spot? Now, as far as swag goes, we can almost certainly say that Erin Reagan is working on her campaign! And, she has some pretty amazing support as she does this, it seems.

Blue Bloods stars Donnie Wahlberg and Marisa Ramirez are all smiles in one of Bridget Moynahan’s recent Twitter posts as they stand behind a royal blue t-shirt that reads “Elect Erin Reagan for Manhattan District Attorney.”

“Looks like Erin Reagan has another solid endorsement!” Bridget Moynahan writes on the Twitter post. The Blue Bloods star then adds the hashtag “#erinreagan4da.”

Wahlberg, as fans of the popular series know, portrays New York City detective Danny Reagan, the brother of Moynahan’s character. Ramirez also stars in the series playing alongside Wahlberg as his detective partner Maria Baez.

It’s no doubt that Danny Reagan’s support would go towards his sister’s campaign. And, it’s likely Baez would be lending a hand in the campaign as well. After all, politically the two Blue Bloods partners seem to align quite well. Especially when it comes to the issues surrounding New York City law enforcement.

Will Another Player Blue Bloods Player Be Making A Big Move In The Upcoming Season?

Blue Bloods fans are certainly gearing up to see Erin Reagan finally step up to vie for the position of Manhattan District Attorney. The storyline has been there for quite some time but, up until now, the character hasn’t exactly been ready to make that move. And, as the popular series heads into its 13th season this fall, some fans think another major Blue Bloods character, Vanessa Ray’s Eddie Janko could see some big changes going forward.

In a recent Reddit post, some fans note that they hope to see Vanessa Ray’s Eddie Janko move up in the ranks – and that the drama between her and her husband, Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) will begin to die down.

“With Eddie, I hope they can stop it with all the drama with her and Jamie,” one Redditor says of the upcoming season of Blue Bloods. This fan goes on to note that they are hoping to see Ray’s character find traction in a brief post she had with the New York City’s Special Victims Unit at the end of season 12.

This fan hopes that Blue Bloods showrunners let Eddie “become a detective for the SVU.” Of course, this Redditor is quick to add that this SVu would be the one that exists in the Blue Bloods universe and not the one we know well from the popular Law & Order franchise on NBC.

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