Mom says teacher locked her son in restroom at school

FOX 13 Memphis WHBQ
FOX 13 Memphis WHBQ

BATESVILLE, Miss. — A Mid-South mother asked for help after she claimed her 4-year-old son was locked inside a school restroom for bad behavior. Tonetta McClain told FOX13 that her son is a Pre-K student at Batesville Elementary School. She said the alleged incident happened Friday, August 5th.

“My concern right now is my baby is afraid to go to school,” McClain said.

McClain said her son, who we will not name, cries each morning before going to school due to the alleged incident.

“My son did say he goes in the bathroom; she holds the door and he said she cut the light off on him,” McClain said.

McClain said that her son has attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and autism. He was allegedly locked inside the restroom and accused of acting out in class.

“I had called to the principal and asked her, and she did admit it, saying that they put him in the bathroom, and I was like that’s not a way to discipline a child like that,” McClain said.

FOX13 reached out to the South Panola School District. In a brief statement, the district released the following:

The district is aware of allegations involving a student. The district has investigated the matter and those allegations are unsubstantiated and without support.”

However, McClain shared text messages she alleges are between her and her son’s teacher. In the messages, McClain asked about the 4-year-old being locked in the restroom. She even admits that her son has a behavioral issue.

The alleged response from the teacher reads that the child “is going to have to stop hitting and kicking his teachers.”

The text continues, “I hope you talked to Dr. Sutton and your child will not be asked to go to the bathroom when he is upset. I will walk him down the hallway or outside if he doesn’t flail and pull from me.” For clarity, Dr. Sutton is the school’s principal.

McClain also shared a video of her son appearing to share the story of the alleged incident that occurred between himself and his teacher.

“Why is he going to the bathroom anyway while he upset,” asked McClain. “I thought they were supposed to at least go give him timeout like in the corner or something like that, not in the bathroom.”

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Crystal G Madru

Hire a lawyer. To treat any child like that is a disgrace but especially a child with ADHD and autism!!! The teacher should be fired immediately! And principal! This is NOT acceptable forms of discipline.

Dennis Smith

Dam glad I don't have kids in school and a lot of parents now days don't give a dam how teachers treat kids just so that have a place to get them out of there hair

Holly Scott

this is why I homeschool teacher's can not handle our babies with special needs. my son got kicked out at 4 years old. he has Autism,SPD, adhd combined and anxiety. you can not punish and or treat them like a normal child that don't work.


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