Comedian Ricky Gervais calls on Cook County Forest Preserve to release caged coyote

CBS Chicago
CBS Chicago

Ricky Gervais calls for release of coyote kept by Cook County Forest Preserve 00:39

CHICAGO (CBS) – A campaign to free a coyote caged in Northbrook just received a major celebrity endorsement.

Comedian Ricky Gervais is calling for Rocky the coyote to be moved to an animal sanctuary in Colorado.

Gervais said the fact that Rocky is on anti-depressant medications is evidence of his inhumane captivity.

He said urgent action is needed to help him.

Rocky has been caged at the River Trail Nature Center for four years. He was turned over by a family who kept him as a pet.

They apparently thought he was a German Shepherd.

Several animal rights groups are fighting for his release.

Forest Preserve officials said there's no guarantee Rocky will thrive if he is moved since he was raised by humans.

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