Oklahoma man pleads guilty to stalking, threatening Rep. Kevin Hern

New York Post
New York Post

An Oklahoma man pleaded guilty Wednesday to threatening and stalking Rep. Kevin Hern after years of targeting the lawmaker from his state, officials said.

The pleas came after Keith Eisenberger, 39, made increasingly “concerning statements” about the 60-year-old Republican and his family online, according to the feds.

Eisenberger — who is known to show up uninvited to political events and try to befriend lawmakers — started to publicly harass Hern after he was appointed in 2018, prosecutors said.

In 2019, Eisenberger showed up at the lawmaker’s Washington, DC office and told Capitol Police he should have been considered for his House seat. He told cops he had a one-way ticket to Washington and would not return to Oklahoma until Hern resigned, officials said.

In 2020 he wrote on social media that Hern should be “federally executed,” and threatened to “assault” the congressman in another post a year later, according to the Department of Justice.
Rep. Kevin Hern (R-Okla.) and his wife were the victim of a cyberstalking and a kidnapping threat, officials said.
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Keith Eisenberger was known for showing up to political events in attempts to befriend lawmakers.

The threats escalated in May when he took to social media and threatened to kidnap Hern and his wife Tammy Hern, officials said.

The terms of the plea deal were not disclosed by prosecutors. Under federal statutes, the felonies could carry maximum prison sentences of 25 years.

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