Oak Cliff principal's rap video goes viral on Instagram


Oak Cliff principal's rap video goes viral on Instagram 02:06

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) The last thing you would expect to hear on the first day of school is a rap video, but a rap from the principal is exactly what students at John F. Peeler Elementary got.

A video that was produced exclusively for a Dallas ISD school in Oak Cliff is making its rounds on social media. It shows poetic justice, rhyming the talents of students at Peeler Elementary School.

"The main focus being the students, something that would create excitement to this new school year," John F Peeler Elementary Principal, Tito Salas said.

The principal of John F. Peeler Elementary said this video was his first time ever recording a rap and he went all out. From different outfits to different props and locations throughout the school.

"It was way out of my comfort zone to begin with," Salas said, "but I was like man I like the beat, it's not as threatening, it's kind of slow tempo."

Salas said it took a lot of planning to create the video.

"This is something I kind of thought of at the end of last school year," Salas said. "I wanted to come up with something that was going to get my staff hyped, excited and then, of course, the students."

Salas said everyone at his school often listens to music. He said he even allows students to request different songs to play before his daily announcements.

He said he is shocked at how quickly the video has been shared since he showed it to students on Monday. And he said the students already know the words and are reciting his lyrics line for line.

"They we're jumping around and going crazy as if I was kind of like some celebrity. So not to say there wasn't the excitement last year, but it took it to a different level now and to me that was a win," Salas said.

We asked him if there will be another video since this one became a hit.

"Look, I'm not an artist. There's no intentions of me as a young kid doing something like this," Salas said. "I have a lot of buddies, principal buddies that I've been fortunate enough to build relationships with and work with, they're telling me like 'Aye bro, put me in your next video,' and I'm like, 'Hey you can come on, but you got to sing too."

You can watch the full video for yourself below.

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Bernie Lomax

Excellent!!! Now THAT is how to connect w the kids.. and win them over. Praying for a great school year for staff and students!! 🙏💜

Texas Season Salt

This principal is the new generation mind set. People need to move on from the old boring traditional ways of doing things. This was brilliant and full of energy that makes kids want to go to school and learn. Like it or not, excitement means everything to the young generation. All the rest of the principles throughout the United States should incorporate this same concepts. Out with the old traditional principles in with the new. Love it! Give him a raise.


👍💯👏💖 All about "connecting" with the students. Amen. However, there was a student at a different school that was met with "me no speaky engles" when asked where a bathroom was at...smh. I know they bring ppl over to work, but come on now, y'all should do better for Our own students than that!😡


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