49ers Coach Kyle Shanahan Not Happy With NFL’s Hat Rules

Sports Illustrated
Sports Illustrated

The San Francisco head coach has a “beef” with the league.

Kyle Shanahan has a unique sense of style as a head coach on the sidelines, most known for wearing a personalized version of the 49ers hat.

He retired that specific hat after the 2020 season, since that year the 49ers underperformed and missed the playoffs. But even if he wanted to bring it back, he can’t.

The 49ers head coach said on the Murph and Mac podcast that the NFL isn’t allowing him to wear any of his old hats, as he can only use new and approved San Francisco hats this season.

“I have such beef with them right now,” Shanahan said, via Yahoo Sports . “It’s a tough issue going on. They won’t let me pick out my own [hat]. They won’t let me wear any one that’s from a [previous] year, so I can’t wear like an older one. I’ve got to wear the new ones that they give this year. Unfortunately, there’s none I like wearing. Hopefully, we can figure it out or wait until Salute to Service. ... It’s just deals. I don’t want to go too hard and get fined or anything but trust me, I’m upset about it.”

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Shanahan helped design this specific hat, as he went years without wearing one since he never found a hat he liked. Therefore, the NFL’s hat rule means more to him than maybe any other coach in the league.

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Truth Ryder

This is all about marketing and sales. People see coaches and players wearing team gear on the sidelines and want one. It's that simple.

Random Words

Back in the '80s, McMadman with the Bears wasn't allowed to wear non-sponsor headbands. I think he loved sticking it to the league by showing up every week with a band of his own design.

Robert Kozlowski

He should wear what he wants to wear and get the rest of his coaches and players to wear what they want as long as it’s related to their team (49er’s). And it’s tasteful


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