'She Is Not a Teenager': Queen Letizia's Look Divides Fans as She Flaunts Legs in a Minidress


Queen Letizia's position makes her and her family subject to criticism—an everlasting tag accompanying anyone occupying the most important seat in Spain. Recently, her fashion choice has caused fans to have divided opinions. Let's see what they think.

Queen Letizia's love story with the King of Spain, Felipe VI, is something out of a fairy tale. Although the pair, who have been together for about two decades, share a solid bond, their romance has witnessed a fair amount of twists and turns.

Felipe VI was born a royal and has lived his entire life understanding the pros and cons of the monarchy. However, his wife was only privy to such a lifestyle following her marriage to him.
Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano pose for a portrait. | Source: Getty Images

Letizia, formerly known as Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano, worked as an international reporter for an indigenous TV network. Felipe must have found the journalist so intriguing that he asked his journalist friend, Pedro Erquicia, to set up a date between him and the lady.

Things went as planned, the pair met and exchanged numbers, but it was not until after a few months that they began dating. Their romance was a closed secret, and even as it intensified, many royal fans did not notice.

On November 1, 2003, the Spanish royal family released news of an engagement between the Prince and a commoner— his journalist lover.
Spanish Crown Prince Felipe of Bourbon with his fiancee former journalist Letizia Ortiz before an official diner at the Pardo Palace 21 May 2004 on the eve of their wedding ceremony. | Source: Getty Images

The news came as a shock to many who were unaware of their romance. It was also unexpected by the Crown because Letizia was not blue-blooded; however, her family was working-class citizens.

Apart from her status in society, she was a first-time divorcee. The former journalist was married to Alonso Guerrero Pèrez until 1999. With such magnanimous differences, it was anticipated that there would be opposition from the royals who felt that this union would threaten their reality.
Spain's Crown Prince Felipe and his wife Letizia at the Spanish National Day military parade in Madrid on October 12, 2013. | Source: Getty Images

In a 2015 book about Felipe by two online journalists, Daniel Forcada of El Confidencial and Alberto Lardies of El Espanol, Juan Carlos, the former monarch, maintained that Letizia was "the worst thing that happened to [the royal family] in many years."

They mentioned that the King would joke with his friends about how the "la cha cha," translated as a maid, would ruin the royals upon her inclusion in the family. Additionally, he branded her a "common divorcee."

Prince Felipe of Spain poses with his fiancee, Spanish journalist, Letizia Ortiz at Zarzuela Palace, near Madrid, 03 November 2003. | Source: Getty Images

Expectedly, King Juan did not conceal his dissatisfaction with his son's choice. But, on the other hand, Felipe had decided never to allow his father's disapproval to hinder him from settling with the woman of his dreams.

Following their engagement, he went to the King to seek blessings, but he had a letter relinquishing his right to the throne tucked in his pocket.

Instead of his blessings, Juan asked the Prince to reconsider marrying the commoner, adding that he should wait a year to be sure of his choice.
Prince Felipe and Princess Letizia of Spain with their daughters, Princesses Leonor and Sofia, at the University Hospital to visit the King of Spain Juan Carlos I. | Source: Getty Images

In return, Felipe reached for the letter, handing it to the ruling monarch. Juan sought advice from his wife, Sofia, and maintained that they might have to give in to their son's request. In her words:

"You have no choice. If you don't acquiesce, it will be the end of the monarchy."
Crown Prince Felipe Of Spain, and His Bride Crown Princess Letizia with his Parents King Juan Carlos Of Spain And Queen Sofia In The Royal Palace. | Source: Getty Images

On May 22, 2004, Felipe married his bride in the biggest wedding since Prince Charles and Diana's in 1981, at the Catedral de Santa María la Real de la Almudena, in Madrid.

His parents showed support, but there was another issue that made the entire ceremony seamless after the investigation. If Letizia had married in a Catholic church, they would have had to seek permission from the Vatican. However, her previous marriage had been a civil ceremony.


Since her marriage to the former Prince, now King, Letizia has made some remarkable contributions, fulfilling her royal duties and having a better relationship with her in-laws.

The Queen, who has two adorable daughters, Princess Leonor and Princess Sofia, was seen hanging out on Sunday night with her mother-in-law, Queen Sofia. The women looked gorgeous in stylish attire as they visited a restaurant and Paseo de Sagrera market in Palma de Mallorca.

Queen Sofia donned two-piece — pants and a jacket with a crisp white top and accessorized it with dangling jewelry. Her eldest granddaughter, Princess Leonor, opted for an above-the-knee blue dress and espadrilles.
Queen Letizia of Spain and her daughters, Crown Princess Leonor and Princess Sofia with Queen Sofia leave the Beatnik restaurant on August 07, 2022 in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. | Source: Getty Images

Her sister, Princess Sofia, dressed in a mini-Zara beige dress with cutouts by the waistline, matching footwear with the older Princess.

Their mother was not letting the younger women take all the shine, as she looked radiant in a pink baby-doll dress. The Queen paired her outfit with pink wedges and a matching purse.

This is not the first time Letizia would step out in style with the younger princesses, and Neither is she a fashion novice. From time immemorial, the royal has rocked head-turning outfits that make the headlines.


For every news-worthy look, there is always a reaction from royal fans. So it was no surprise that Letizia's latest fashion stirred an outcome.

Some comments from royal fans. | Source:

Some fans alleged that the 49-year-old royal is too old to rock such trendy outfits, while others added that a mini-dress is inappropriate apparel for a royal. One person wrote:

"Mini skirt???? For a Queen????"

Some comments from royal fans. | Source:

@fusionfusun commented, "Same skirt length with teenagers??" Another commenter quipped, "A bit too much short dress for a mum with her daughters."
Some comments from royal fans. | Source:

Some commenters took their thoughts to Twitter. According to a Seth account, the user posted a snap featuring the Queen in her Sunday outfit and wrote:

"Plenty of Spaniards think queen LETIZIA Ortiz is a shame for Spain and the [Monarchy]! She turns 50 on September 15 and she don't need/shouldn't to [compete] with her 2 teenagers daughters!!"

Another Tweet focused on society being partial and having double standards for women. @Nineteen8OFour's tweet read, "Woman wears it: She's too old for it! Ugh. Man wears it: Awwwww. So beautiful. 'She's' [sic] rocking it!!!!"
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Despite the different opinions, loyal fans have remained unimpressionable. They chimed words for support for their favorite royal, exalting her youthfulness and fashion sense. One of the positive tweets read:

"My favs.The Spanish royals on holiday in majorca.Queen Letizia,Queen Sofia.Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia at a family outing. Letizia is very daring."
Some comments from royal fans. | Source:

Another person wrote, "Ok, queen Letizia with the modern fit." Comments on Instagram included, "They are just killing us with their beauty. Look at those legs." Another person wrote:

"So many negative comments, especially from other women. Well done to Letizia for wearing whatever she wants; she looks amazing."
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So far, the royal has not addressed any of the perceptions. But one thing is clear, Letizia is a confident woman who knows how to enjoy herself with her daughters, and against all odds, she has become an important figure in Spanish history.

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