N.O. Mayor Exchanges 'Rude' Comment with Disgruntled Resident

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The mayor of New Orleans and an unidentified man called each other rude at a city budget meeting and the video is now going viral.

The man, who was not identified, submitted a handwritten question about taking some of the funds that go to the police force and putting them into programs that help children.

Someone altered the man’s handwritten question so that, when it got to the mayor, it was completely different.

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Kourtney Williams of WDSU posted the video. In the video, you can hear some of the conversation and, at one point, it sounds like the man used the word “rude”. Mayor Cantrell came back with a “You’re rude!”. Watch:

In the video, it is difficult to hear what the gentleman is saying, but at one point it does sound like he used the word “rude” before Mayor Cantrell, though we don’t know what happened prior to the video running.

The man was then escorted back to his seat.

What was it that caused the fluff-up? It appears that the man had written one question on the card, but when it came time to present that question to the mayor, someone had altered the question by writing a new one on the opposite side of the card.
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At the time of this next video, it still wasn’t known what his original question was but, as you can see, he was escorted back to his seat while saying, “they put words in my mouth”.

Williams then posted what she says is the man’s handwritten question on one of the cards and, also in the picture, what it said on the back of the card.

The original question was asking about the current budget for police and prisons. The man said that New Orleans spends a lot of money on these “reactive measures, yet crime persists”. He wanted to know how the leadership justified the amount of money spent while crime remained high.

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As you can see, the bottom picture shows the back of the card where, in different handwriting, the question is “What steps are in progress to hire and retain more police?”

Two totally different questions.

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It appears that the man wanted to know if Mayor Cantrell would consider putting money towards proactive programs for kids and families so that less police presence would be needed.

It also appears that someone didn’t like that question, so they changed the question in time to present it to the mayor at the meeting.
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I do not know the statistics for crime in New Orleans, but judging by what I am seeing in the news and on social media, things are not getting better there.

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My personal opinion is that Cantrell doesn't seem to be able to hold herself with professionalism and has several confrontations and speaks to people as if it's someone she grew up with on the street. I can see someone changing what the man wrote probably because the mayor didn't want to answer the question which is typical when something of value is presented its downplayed. I bet she has made so much money off of our tax dollars and kickbacks from city contracts that's probably all she cares about on top of using tax payer money to see the world on our hard earned money. The city is already destroyed beyond repair and instead if citizens trying to challenge someone they will never win against do the next best thing just leave. If there is nobody left there is no money left to line their pockets simple fix

Stop The Madness

once N.O. was a city where people could go to have a good time with friends and family, the food was good night life was off the chain Mardi Gras, Essence Festival of Culture,college football etc...was a big tourist attraction.. but ever since that hurricane came and destroyed that city (the mayor ordered a mandatory to leave) 80% of the residents left while others stayed looted(no one knows why they do the things they do) and finished what the storm didn't destroy (while the ones that went and started destroying other cities..after begging for help from the government when it didn't happen quick enough well that's when it started flooding with anger and tears.(that really never recovered) that city has become the toilet bowl of Louisiana crime is at a all time high not by adults but by teenagers that think they're untouchable..the so called mayor now of toilet bowl city rather take vacations and the other leaders are clueless and getting paid. it's time to clean up that city

ad hoc

Looks to me like someone knew she couldn’t answer the original question because she has no plan. Just throw her a softball and move on. Sad


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