Time is running out to cash in $100,000 Powerball ticket

CBS Philly
CBS Philly

Check your old lottery tickets! $100,000 Powerball ticket expiring next month 00:35

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- If you have any old Powerball tickets sitting around you might want to give them another look.

You could be sitting on a $100,000 prize. But your window to cash in is closing.

The winning ticket was purchased at a Wawa on Dekalb Pike in Center Square on Sept. 20 of last year.

The ticket matched four of the five balls drawn, plus the Powerball.

Lottery officials say a prize claim must be filed with the Pennsylvania Lottery by Sept. 20 of this year.

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Maybe somebody’s in jail or in a rehab and they can’t cash the ticket it should be more than a year for something like that


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