Let your pet cat wander and get a fine, according to Ohio police

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SHADYSIDE, OH — Shadyside police warn cat owners in Shadyside, Ohio to keep account of their pets or face a penalty.

“We’re starting to trap cats, and if we trap a cat and it has a licensed tag on it, you’re going to be cited into court,” Shadyside Police Chief Don Collette said according to timesleaderonline .

Collette says that the city has been trapping cats for about two years and the situation is worsening.

“I’ve got nine in the last couple months, so people are letting cats run random. We’re going to start citing them into court if they have a tag on them if it’s a cat and it’s out,” reported timesleaderonline .

After the cats are trapped, they are located at the Belmont County Animal Shelter where Collette says he does not know what happens after they are dropped off.

According to village statutes, the offense would be a minor misdemeanor with a fine of up to $150.

Other animal-related issues have also been brought up. For example, Shadyside residents have made inquiries about whether pigs can be kept as pets in the village.

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Betsy Singh-Anand

Their problem is getting worse for a reason, and the reason is because they are trapping the cats and removing them. Cats are highly territorial animals. When they are removed, more cats come in to fill the void. What they need is a TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) program. It solves the breeding problem, and solves the territorial void problem. They apparently do not understand cats.


Cats are a nuisance to nature and have “sprayed” in my driveway so that everytime I get into my car, it smells like cat urine. If people are going to own pets, they should take care of them properly.

Tonya Henson

when did Ohio ordinance change on cats cats were considered to be free wild roaming animals in Ohio statute


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