Clayton man pleads not guilty to weapons charges stemming from alleged cache of 132 guns

CBS San Francisco
CBS San Francisco

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CLAYTON –  A Clayton man was arraigned on Tuesday on weapons charges stemming from an allegation that police seized 132 guns from his property earlier this year.

John Michael King, 54, pleaded not guilty to two felony counts of possessing assault weapons and one felony count for manufacturing or assembling an unregistered firearm, the Contra Costa District Attorney's office announced.

Police investigation. CBS

King, a former volunteer with the Contra Costa Sheriff's Office, was under investigation for possessing illegal firearms, according to the announcement. In January, county, state and federal authorities claim they seized 132 guns from his home after obtaining a search warrant.

Authorities also allege that they found equipment used to manufacture unregistered firearms, or ghost guns, on his property.

The district attorney said King illegally manufactured or assembled a .22 caliber rifle and possessed a .223 assault rifle and a .556 pistol.

King is scheduled to appear in court on Aug. 29 in Martinez.

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The article failed to mention a single violation of the law. did he modify the guns to full auto? there is no law against ghost guns or having guns. the Supreme Court has been clear about unconstitutional state laws


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