A Moment Of Silence For The Thousands Of Cold Bud Lights We Lost In Kentucky Today

Whiskey Riff
Whiskey Riff

Please bow your heads in a moment of silence…

It’s difficult to fathom a loss like this, and tough to the totality of the grief I’m sure we’re all feeling into words right now… but it brings me great pain to announce that we lost a lot thousands upon thousands of cans of delicious Bud Light, during a tragic accident in Louisville, Kentucky, this afternoon.

According to WLKY, a semi-truck chock full of Bud Light crashed on an Interstate 71 ramp this morning in Louisville, Kentucky, sending thousands of Bud Light cans pouring from the truck.

Most of the beer ended up in the median between the ramp and the Gene Snyder Freeway.

Luckily, there were no human injuries to report, however the Bud Light casualties are immense.

Looking at pictures and footage, it looks like a massive wave of blue spread out across the roadway and beyond, glorious cases of Bud Light with so much life ahead of them.

WARNING: This footage may be distressing.


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Noah Ellis

I wonder if the state asked for volunteers to help with picking up and throwing away all those beer cans, do you think they might get a few takers?


Antoinette, Did you say Miller Light, too many calories, no room left for those 2 big French fries, and a triple cheese burger, I couldn’t eat all of that and that pizza as well. Maybe one less beer, that ought to do it. Got to watch my waist line. Did you say free beers?


It’s, definitely, a major party foul. However, considering that it was Bud Light, it’s not much of a loss.


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