Judge reinstates 3rd-degree murder charges against Jayana Webb

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Judge reinstates 3rd-degree murder charge against Janaya Webb 00:56

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A judge has reinstated third-degree murder charges against Jayana Webb, the woman accused of striking and killing two Pennsylvania state troopers and a man who the troopers were trying to help on Interstate 95 earlier this year. The charges were dropped in June after Webb's defense attorney said the commonwealth failed to prove his client acted with malice.

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner released a statement following the reinstatement of the third-degree murder charges. Krasner believes the charges were "always appropriate."

The charge of 3rd-degree murder was always appropriate for this defendant, whose actions we allege led to the violent deaths of Pennsylvania State Troopers Martin F. Mack, III and Branden T. Sisca, and the man they were attempting to help, Reyes Rivera Oliveras. Assistant District Attorney Jessica Chung is a skilled, diligent, and capable prosecutor who will help deliver accountability for these tragic crimes and some measure of justice for three grieving families.

Webb is charged with three counts of third-degree murder, manslaughter, homicide by vehicle and DUI in the March 21 crash South near the stadium complex that killed Pennsylvania State Troopers Martin Mack and Branden Sisca and a pedestrian, Reyes Rivera Oliveras .

On Wednesday, the judge denied the assistant district attorney's request to increase bail. Instead, the judge lifted the stay on Webb's $600,000 bail and she can get out of jail if she posts 10%.

Eyewitness News spoke with Webb's attorney, who says his client is "devastated."

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Julie Malstrom

she took lives that still had time on this earth and turned it into gta because she's black and angry and apparently a great DD too. wow if she was my child I wouldn't be starting a go fund me for my guilty daughter. id be telling her life is precious and you took two state troopers lives and she won't get away with that.

The Truth be told.

I never understood why these people try to hold their heads down or hide their faces when being caught.


it should be α first degree but with α third is better than seeing her get away with nothing.


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