A man’s credit card wasn’t working at a gas station. He beat up the mother and daughter clerks, police say.


Kyle Fitta, 30, of North Dighton, is facing multiple assault and battery charges.
Kyle Fitta. Auburn police

A North Dighton man is facing multiple assault and battery charges after police say he beat up a mother and daughter working at an Auburn gas station before causing a crash on the Mass. Pike and violently assaulting another driver.

Kyle Fitta, 30, was arrested on July 31 and charged with unarmed robbery, assault and battery resulting in serious bodily injury, three counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and two counts of malicious destruction of property, according to Auburn police.

Police said the incident began early on Sunday, July 31, when Fitta was unable to complete a transaction with a credit card at a Route 12 gas station. The 30-year-old then allegedly “without saying anything” began punching the 19-year-old female clerk in the face, according to police.

When the teen’s mother, the store’s manager, attempted to intervene, police said Fitta “violently” attacked her as well.

“Both women were punched, kicked, and thrown against the store displays and floor,” police said. “The daughter suffered a broken nose, a black eye, and a cut above her left eye that required stitches. The mother sustained a black eye, cuts and bruises, and a back injury.”

Police said another customer, an Auburn man, saw what was happening and entered the store in an attempt to scare off Fitta, which police said ended the attack. He also called police around 7 a.m. to report what was happening.

Fitta allegedly stole the mother’s cell phone and keys and fled to the Mass. Pike, where police said he caused a crash and started to violently assault another driver and resisted arrest when state troopers arrived.

Police said the stolen cell phone and keys were recovered at the time of Fitta’s arrest.

“Thank you to the Auburn man who likely kept this from getting worse than it was,” the department said. “Both women are expected to recover from their injuries.”

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wow big man assaulting a mother and daughter...I guess that's all this little boy can handle...He'll make someone a nice girlfriend in jail...

Christopher Tingus

Folks need to stop taking their personal challenges out on innocent individuals and seek help from family, friends, law enforcement and the medical community. Reverting to criminal behavior only creates addl burdens for the individual who willingly and knowingly chooses such acts and becomes tagged as a felon. Innocent folks are out trying to make a simple living to provide basic requirements, while those somehow choose to inflict their mental and physical challenges on another solving nothing! We are seeing big government lasting for power and control and more and more folks are getting it now and will run to the November polls to thwart these self serving and no good politicians.Stop spending tax dollars on wasteful political in house agenda...spending of tax dollars to help those who are in need both mentally and or physically.


What an animal. A cage is where this guy belongs. I hope for a quick recovery for the mother and daughter. I have been beat like from a stranger and it is terrifying for a long time. It takes a long time to get over the fear.


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