Graphic details released about N.O. mother accused of slitting the throats of her young children


Arrest records obtained by WWLTV detail the horror Jermaine Roberts experienced as the mother of his two young children allegedly slit the throats of their kids and then confesses to him in a video call.

Janee Pedesclaux is accused of slitting the throat of her four-year-old daughter Paris Robert, and her 2-year-old son Jay'Ceon Roberts.

Police records say the children’s father, Jermaine Roberts, received a Facetime video call from Pedesclaux allegedly admitting to cutting the throats of their children and focused the camera on their son who appeared to have blood on his neck. Roberts got a second video call showing their daughter lying in a bed with blood on her neck and gasping for air.

Roberts then got a third video call from Pedesclaux showing both children bleeding from the neck.

Roberts called 911 and drove over to Pedesclaux’s New Orleans home on Law Street where she had barred him from coming in, saying “We gone. It’s over with,” according to police reports as reported by WWLTV .

Roberts then broke a window to enter the home where he allegedly found Pedesclaux with a knife in her hand, the two-year-old face down in the bed in a pool of blood, and the four-year-old in a bed bleeding and foaming at the mouth.

The report also says she allegedly bit Roberts and ran to the kitchen to get another knife but Roberts quickly picked up his lifeless children and rushed them to University Medical Center. The children underwent multiple surgeries in an attempt to save their life. Paris Robert eventually died from her injuries and Jay'Ceon Roberts is currently in critical condition.

The report says Paris had a cut on her throat down to the spine and Jay’Ceon had a cut to his throat and several cuts to his chest, arms, both legs, and fingers.

Police say during the incident Pedesclaux also posted a video to social media saying, "I'm done, my children is dead! I'm done. I'm done. And it's all Jermaine fault! It's always Jermaine fault! I'm done! I'm killing myself! I'm done,” according to the report.

Pedesclaux and Roberts were in a child custody dispute where Roberts sued for joint custody back in April saying Pedesclaux was “not stable or providing a healthy environment for the kids,” according to court records.

The children’s family released a statement Tuesday saying:

"On Sunday morning the Pedesclaux family endured an unspeakable tragedy. Mental health is a crisis that is affecting every family and ours is no different. The lack of mental health services and the toxic mix of social media has added to the problems we face as a community. This is a large family of faith and we ask with all humility that the city pray for our family and for our Paris and Jay’Ceon."

Pedesclaux is in police custody and booked with second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder. She is being held without bond in the Orleans Parish Prison.

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A wise King once said to feuding women: "Ok, cut this baby in half and give half to each." One screamed no, please no. The King knew instantly who the child belonged to.


What an unbelievable thing this "mother" has done.I feel so bad for the daughter losing her life but even more for the son because if he survives this,he has to walk around this earth the rest of his life knowing that he has that scar across his throat that was caused by his "mother" attempting to kill him.


Sadly, love may mean not having custody. Some women, and men, don't understand that concept. Bless and give the father strength and peace.


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