More buses of migrants sent from Texas arrive in New York City

CBS New York
CBS New York

War of words continues between Mayor Adams, Texas Gov. Abbott 02:00

NEW YORK -- Under the order of Gov. Greg Abbott , three more buses of asylum seekers from Texas arrived in New York City on Wednesday morning.

The buses rolled into the Port Authority Bus Terminal and migrants stepped off, some with thumbs up and fists pumping.

One man from Venezuela told CBS2's Alice Gainer the journey was tiring, adding he's looking for a better future for his children.

Manuel Castro, the commissioner of the mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs, was there to greet them.

He condemned Abbott for sending them here , calling him morally corrupt.

"Don't treat them as political pawns," Castro said. "Unlike Gov. Abbott, who is really showing cowardly action by sending people away from his state instead of leaning into this challenge and helping people who have gone through so much, we're going to show how it's done."

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Mayor Eric Adams said he was thinking about taking a busload of New Yorkers to Texas to door knock and try and get Abbott out of office as he faces a challenge from Democrat Beto O'Rourke .

"Go ahead, mayor, make my day," Abbott said of the threat on Fox News.

This past spring, Abbott announced plans to send busloads of migrants to Washington D.C. and now New York City in response to President Joe Biden's decision to lift a pandemic-era emergency health order that restricted migrant entry numbers by denying them a chance to seek asylum.

"They are now getting a taste of what we're having to deal with," Abbott said.

Adams doubled down and said he's going to do everything he can to get Abbott voted out.

"I know he thinks he's Clint Eastwood, but he's not. He is an anti-American governor that is really going against everything that we stand for," Adams said. "I'm sure if he goes into his lineage he came from somewhere."

On Tuesday, the City Council held a hearing on how the city is handling the intake given the long-standing strain on the shelter system. Members said they need to be more creative and the feds need to do more to help.

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Texas Paralegal

Mayor Adams,,,just come on down to Texas to campaign against our Gov. Abbott,,,just be aware that those doors you maybe knocking may be slammed right back in your face!!


Ok students here’s a free lesson texas is predominantly conservative, our governor is as well, we don’t care if people legally enter this country or state. We are very much opposed to the continuous influx of undocumented illegal immigrants. NYC and several other cities and states have no problem stating they are a sanctuary city, I’m guessing they aren’t as receptive when they actually are hit with a small percentage of the total number flowing across the border to the border states. Sine the liberals are all for this and are the main reason the people are flowing here, they should be more than happy to take them in. The only problem I see is there aren’t enough busses. Here in Texas we want to share and everything is big here so enjoy dealing with the problem you created.

Marsha Ewing

maybe Texas needs help from the rest of the US on the immigration influx. Texas alone cannot keep housing, feeding, providing medical care to all who cross the border. The US needs to work together on this issue & STOP with the red& blue BS!!


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