Minnesota primary 2022: Results from Minnesota's statewide, congressional races

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Minnesota's Aug. 9 primary has set stage for the election in November, where incumbent Gov. Tim Walz and Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan will square off with Republicans Scott Jensen and Matt Birk.

Steve Simon will face Kim Crockett in the vote for secretary of state, while the statewide race for attorney general will see Keith Ellison hope to be reelected against Jim Schultz.

There were also some tight races in Minnesota's congressional districts, notably in CD-5.

Governor, Lieutenant Governor

  • Republican: Scott Jensen and Matt Birk beat Joyce Lynne Lacey and Kent Edwards
  • Democratic-Farmer-Labor: Tim Walz and Peggy Flanagan beat Ole Savior and Julia M Parker
  • Grassroots - Legalize Cannabis: Steve Patterson and Matt Huff beat Darrell Paulsen and ed Engelmann
  • Legal Marijuana Now: James McCaskel and David Sandbeck beat Chris Wright and L.C. Lawrence Converse

Secretary of State

  • Republican: Kim Crockett beats Erik van Mechelen
  • DFL: Steve Simon beats Steve Carlson

Attorney General

  • Republican: Jim Schultz beats Doug Wardlow
  • DFL: Keith Ellison beats Bill Dahn

U.S. Representative District 1

Special election to serve out rest of Jim Hagedorn's term

  • Republican: Brad Finstad: 60,261 – 51.1%
  • DFL: Jeff Ettinger: 55,341 – 46.9%


  • Republican: Brad Finstad beats Jeremy Munson
  • DFL: Jeff Ettinger beats James Rainwater
  • Grassroots - Legalize Cannabis: Brian Abrahamson (uncontested)
  • Legal Marijuana Now: Richard B. Reisdorf (uncontested)

U.S. Representative District 2

DFL incumbent Angie Craig and Republican Tyler Kistner ran unopposed.

U.S. Representative District 3

DFL incumbent Dean Phillips and Republican Tom Weiler ran unopposed.

U.S. Representative District 4

  • Republican: May Lor Xiong beats Jerry Silver
  • DFL: Betty McCollum beats Amane Badhasso

U.S. Representative District 5

  • Republican: Cicely Davis beats Royce White
  • DFL: Ilhan Omar beats Don Samuels

U.S. Representative District 6

Republican incumbent Tom Emmer and DFLer Jeanne Hendricks ran unopposed.

U.S. Representative District 7

  • Republican: Michelle Fischbach (unopposed)
  • DFL: Jill Abahsain beats Alycia Gruenhagen
  • Legal Marijuana Now: Travis "Bull" Johnson

U.S. Representative District 8

  • Republican: Pete Stauber beats Harry Robb Welty
  • DFL: Jen Schultz beats John Munter

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with swampers Crockett and Schultz on the ticket, republicans have ensured a clean sweep for the communist/democrats again


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