Campaign urges peaceful coexistence with coyotes in Massachusetts

CBS Boston
CBS Boston

MSPCA launches coexist with coyotes campaign 00:33

BOSTON - The MSPCA is launching a new campaign to encourage people to live safely alongside coyotes.

There have been several recent sightings in neighborhoods, and experts say the animals aren't going away so it's important to learn how to coexist with them.

They're reminding residents not to leave food out. If you get close to a coyote, wave your arms and make loud noises to scare them off.

According to the MSPCA, there have been 25 coyote attacks on humans in the last 25 years. Two people were bit by a coyote in Swampscott earlier this summer.

"Having this many coyotes in such populated areas is relatively new in our state-but they're here and they're not going anywhere," MSPCA advocacy specialist Elizabeth Magner said. "We have to coexist and modify our behaviors. If we do then we will be safe-and the coyotes will be, too."

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Mark Landry

I love the tree hugers they are so out of touch with nature it's unreal . They need to stay in the big city and leave the woods to us country people

What Hump?

Until they snatch and eat your small dog or your baby while picnicking or on the swing set in your backyard or local park.

Tom Grossi

this is what happens when you do-gooders get to our state representative and change the hunting and trapping laws, next wait and see what happens with our fishing laws that have been changed


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