Two new stores coming to Crossgates Mall are anticipated to provide shoppers with new styles

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Spotlight News

GUILDERLAND – Coming this year, shoppers of the Capital District will have two new fashion choices as Lovisa and Primark make their debut at Crossgates Mall.

“These two brands may not be as recognizable as other brands in the Capital Region, but they are certainly making a name for themselves, and we have no doubt they will continue to do that here at Crossgates,” Marketing Director for Crossgates Jennifer Smith said.

Crossgates shoppers can expect to see Lovisa opening up late this summer or early fall. Since its launch in 2010, Lovisa has been a jewelry store that sells necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and other on-trend accessories ranging from a $20 price point and under. At ready-to-wear prices, they draw inspiration from the latest couture, runway and street-style fashion.

When Primark opens this winter at Crossgates, shoppers will find homeware, clothing, and everyday essentials sold at inexpensive prices. They reach consumers with over 400 stores worldwide with even further expansion in mind. They recently opened a store in Buffalo and now, they’re arriving in the Capital Region to sell products for men, women, children, and people of all ages.

“Shoppers are always looking for the newest in brands, and we certainly are able to give that to them,” Smith said.

The new stores will be located close to each other within the mall, situated amongst the pre-existing business landscape. Lovisa will be on the lower level, near Urban Outfitters. Primark will occupy an approximated 45,000 square foot spacenear Texas De Brazil and the Apple store.

“I know that both of these stores definitely bring to market some of the things that you see in magazines or on instagram or on runways even,” journalist and co-founder of the digital media entertainment company Two Buttons Deep, and host of The Buttonista Podcast, Taylor Rao said.

“I just love seeing new options come into Crossgates.” As a “certified fashionista,” Rao has teamed up with Crossgates to promote stores to her audience who keep an eye out for the latest fashion trends.

With local festivals and concerts in full swing, Rao said local shoppers may be interested in experimenting with some of the latest jewelry styles out of Lovisa, such as ear cuffs and layering necklaces. Primark will provide families with budget-conscious choices as they shop for the holidays or back to school.

“I love the idea that as you get inspired by something that you see online, maybe your favorite influencer, that you can actually go out and recreate a look all on your own and at an affordable price, too,” Rao said. “I think it gives people the confidence to spend a whole afternoon, or a day there, and shop around to see what you like. Maybe do another lap and find that final accessory or piece to go with what you were shopping for.”

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