Phil Your Glass: Celebrating the arrival of fresh figs

Akron Beacon Journal
Akron Beacon Journal

I could understand Eve conceding had the evil serpent tempted her with a fresh fig.

But an apple?

Come on, man!

Fresh figs are one of my favorite fruits. They bring back so many fond memories. As a first grader, I remember helping my father bury the family fig tree to protect it from the chilly Northeast Ohio winter at our home on Burns Avenue in Akron. And good friend Nick Alexander would always have a handful of fresh figs to sample from one of his 19 backyard trees. I swear his North Hill backyard had a mini Mediterranean micro climate. Nick had a green thumb and a heart twice the size of the Jolly Green Giant.

So when I got a cellphone alert from North Hill buddy Mike Ciraco that fresh black mission figs had arrived at DeVitis Italian Market, I knew it was time to celebrate.

Bubbles, baby!

I spotted a $5.99 two-pack of Les Allies sparkling brut from France on the shelf at Krieger’s Market. That’s where I picked up a container of green kadota figs. The bottles are tiny, single-serving 374 ml sizes, great for special occasions that pop up such as this.

I believe sparkling wine should be enjoyed all year-round. Italians enjoy their franciacorta and prosecco all year round. Spaniards love their cava. And the French have Champagne. So when in Rome, Madrid, Paris and wherever you happen to be, enjoy a glass of sparkling wine.

Les Allies presents a tremendous value in sparkling wine. The non-vintage bubbles from Cote d'Or, France, are tiny and persistent in your glass, a sure sign of quality. This dry (brut) sparkling was great with mission figs stuffed with chèvre and a spicy pecan. The wine, a blend of chardonnay and chenin blanc, loves the contrast of the creamy chèvre, spicy pecan and the sweetness of the fig.

The tiny bottles of bubbly allow you to savor a single flute without having to open a full bottle. Pack a couple for your next picnic or patio party of one. Sip on a glass while deciding which California cab to have with your T-bone on the grill.

Full size $11.99 750 ml bottles are arriving soon to area stores.

Buy this wine at Beau’s Market in Copley, Krieger’s Market, Cornerstone Market, Corkscrew Johnny's, Gray Mart in Munroe Falls, Top Shelf of Ohio in Jackson Township, HomeBuys and Avenue Wine Shop in Canton

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